“unfinished business.”— Ben Chilwell send warning message to Liverpool

Next month, the Blues will visit Wembley to play against well-known opponents.

In the domestic cup finals, Ben Chilwell claims that he and Chelsea still have unresolved business.

In the Blues’ 6-1 victory over Middlesbrough at home in the second leg of the Carabao Cup on Wednesday, the 27-year-old defender made a comeback to the starting eleven.

However, Chelsea has lost all three of their domestic cup finals; in 2022, they fell to Liverpool twice on penalties, and in 2021, they lost to Leicester in the FA Cup final.

When asked about his thoughts on the next final next month against Liverpool, who defeated Fulham in their round of sixteen, Chilwell responded, “It’s three finals we’ve lost, so 100% there is unfinished business.”

“I was talking to Thiago Silva in the bathroom barely five minutes ago, mentioning that we still had unresolved business at Wembley.

“As a group, we need to make sure that we go and truly appreciate the experience and absorb it in because we’ve both been there three times and lost each time. Of course, we want to go and win.

The fact that just a small number of us have won trophies at Chelsea—a club that expects trophies—makes it equally vital for a group like ours. We must ensure that we go to win, but it’s also crucial for the players to enjoy themselves because many of them will be having a terrific time.

The vice captain of Chelsea performed admirably in his comeback match against Boro, setting up the first goal as the Blues prevailed 6-2 overall.

Considering that he hadn’t started a game in almost four months, it was an especially strong performance.

He stated: “It is tough, of course, you want to be playing football,” despite a string of setbacks that included his most recent hamstring strain.

“I’ve missed some fantastic football games, as well as others that I would have loved to participate in, but I need to concentrate on taking care of myself so that when I return, I’m prepared and in the greatest physical and mental condition possible to support the team.

“I was ecstatic to be starting today and was determined to give it my all.” Even though I knew I wouldn’t make it through the entire game, the main focus was on seeing how long I could play for and giving it my all.

“Playing at Wembley was a huge deal for the club, and I believe that this group will find it to be even more significant and an amazing experience for the team. All of us are eager for it.

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