“It’s a big game” – Gary Neville revealed what will happen in Chelsea vs Liverpool Carabao Cup final

“This is a major game.” “This is the game’s vision,” says Gary Neville, speculating on what might occur in the Carabao Cup final between Chelsea and Liverpool.

Chelsea defeated Middlesbrough 6-1 at Stamford Bridge to advance to the Carabao Cup final with an aggregate score of 6-2.

Chelsea will play Liverpool or Fulham in the championship game, but it’s likely that the Blues will take on Jurgen Klopp’s team in yet another matchup between the two teams.

Liverpool merely needs a draw to go to the final after winning their first leg 2-1.

Although Gary Neville acknowledges that Chelsea would advance significantly if they win the Carabao Cup, he also says that the Blues will struggle if they play Liverpool in the championship game.

“It will be challenging, especially if they play Liverpool,” he said to Sky Sports. “But if they can win a trophy, these young players in particular will gain so much from it.” In my experience, receiving a winner’s medal gave you a sense of belonging.

“You are a winner now that you’ve delivered,” You’ve overcome the criticism that comes with not winning a prize, such as being almost manly or incapable of crossing boundaries.

Because there are only four titles awarded for each season, it can be a bit harsh at times, but Pochettino has taken a hit in this nation.

It’s a hugely important game for the players, the ownership, and the management. Nothing will boost a young player’s confidence more than victory, especially when it comes to taking home a medal or trophy. Since you will never forget it, it will have a significant influence on your life in addition to your work.

“In life, like in football, confidence is everything. If you believe—and it’s not just about your personal belief; it’s also about the fans’ and our own beliefs in them, as well as the manager’s.

“If they can go out and triumph in a crucial situation, like Chelsea has done for a very long time. They have been a successful team, though not always with exquisite football. They’ve occasionally had to dig in, and under Abramovich, they simply developed a winning mindset.

“They will feel more confident that this Chelsea project of the last 20 years can continue under Boehly and co. if they can do that here, even in transition.”

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