“Total waste of money” – Chelsea fans mocked £107m Chelsea key player after no -show

Chelsea supporters called the £107 million important player a “total waste of money” after he failed to turn up.

The supporters of Chelsea have been incredibly understanding of this current squad.

They didn’t pick their exorbitant price tags, they’re young, and the majority have little to no experience playing senior football, much less the Premier League. However, supporters of other teams have a duty to show civility and a right to celebrate their victories.

It is an amazing opportunity for a team like Middlesbrough, who are mid-table in the Championship, to take on and defeat our costly mercenaries.

During the game, Sky Sports made headlines by serenading £107 million (CNN) player Enzo Fernandez with the timeless phrase “what a waste of money” when he hobbled off to be substituted after a fruitless hour.

Though Enzo’s quality has previously been demonstrated, the project as a whole now seems like a financial waste.

Hopefully, our home supporters at the Bridge will exact revenge in two weeks.

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