Pochettino officially confirms move to Chelsea in Premier League

The striker Victor Osimhen of Napoli has informed teams like CHELSEA that he plans to move to the Premier League in the future.

The team pursued his signing in the summer because they both needed to bolster that front line with a top-tier striker.

Though the trade never happened, Osimhen’s contentious TikTok post left Arsenal and the Premier League pair on notice that Osimhen would sue his employers in September 2023.

The Napoli star then affirmed that he will “definitely” play in the Premier League, but that he currently has “other plans.” It then became apparent that we were in the lead to attempt and get him during the January transfer window.

Following Nigeria’s 1-1 draw with Equatorial Guinea, he declared, “I’m happy with the President, I have a good relationship with him, I cannot lie I have a seriously good relationship with him.”

He has been a part of my life since I joined the team in 2020. I get along well with his family as well, and for me, it’s always crucial to have this positive relationship to ensure that everything about my relationship with him and his family is right.

“In my opinion, ADL has been a president who has helped me both on and off the pitch, and I have obviously done everything in my power to help them win the Scudetto.

Therefore, having this kind of relationship and being content with both the person and the club owner is always crucial to me.

“Obviously, I will play in the Premier League one day, but for now, I have other plans for my career that I’m looking forward to. Everyone will know when the time comes.”

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