Enzo Fernandez revealed one Chelsea teammate he has close relationship with

Enzo Fernandez has shared details about his friendship with Moises Caicedo, a colleague at Chelsea.

Given that they have played together in the Chelsea midfield since the beginning of the season, Caicedo and Enzo are the two players who, in reality, ought to be friends.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Enzo said that he feels privileged to play alongside his Ecuadorian teammate since they have a friendship that goes beyond the pitch.

“With Moi, we have created a very strong bond, and we have an excellent relationship off the pitch,” he stated. When we play, communication is different because we can quickly comprehend one another. Being able to play with Caicedo is an honour. He offers us so much.

Some contend that the two have not yet shown worthy of the large quantities of money Chelsea paid to get them to Stamford Bridge, but they do appear to be creating something impressive, which will become clear very soon.

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