‘Most talented’… The greatest player Joe Cole has ever played alongside, according to him, is the Chelsea legend.

John Terry, Didier Drogba, and Frank Lampard are a few examples.

On The Obi One Podcast, a podcast hosted by former teammate John Obi Mikel, Joe Cole identified Eden Hazard as the best player he has ever collaborated with.

Although Cole and Hazard are legendary players for Chelsea, they never played together at Stamford Bridge. Instead, the two first met in Lille, with the latter later relocating to west London.

John Obi Mikel and Joe Cole talk about Eden Hazard.

Mikel agreed with Cole when he said that Hazard is the best player he has ever played alongside.

Cole remarked, “He’s the most talented player I played with, the best player.” Then Mikel said, “I would say the same.” In theory.

Cole continued, saying, “I would put Arjen Robben up with him, but Eden could go both sides, and Arjen could only go with his left foot.”

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