“I want him at Stamford Bridge” – Enzo Fernandez wants Chelsea to sign World Cup winner again

“I need him at Stamford Scaffold” – Enzo Fernandez believes Chelsea should sign World Cup victor once more

Paulo Dybala has by and by been connected with Chelsea, with his €12m discharge provision enticing groups in January who might need another assailant.

It helps us to remember the mid year, where Goal.com quotes Enzo Fernandez as kidding that he believed his compatriot should join so he had somebody to share his grills and matés with.

This delivery proviso makes Dybala ideal grub for any talk essayist as it makes him reasonable for fundamentally every group in the association.

There are several worries however – first and foremost, he’s to a greater extent an innovative Nkunku type rather than the actual presence we want driving the line. Is a slight yet skilful Dybala truly going to add anything we don’t as of now have?

Besides, his compensation requests and age don’t exactly fit the profile of player that the brandishing chiefs like marking.

So regardless of the reasonable cost, it actually feels far-fetched except if we truly begin to overreact.

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