Chelsea could end another subpar loan this month.

This month, Chelsea might end another unsuccessful loan.

There are a lot of rumours circulating in Turkey right now that Hakim Ziyech’s loan to Galatasaray might be terminated.

His performances seem to be unsatisfactory to the Turkish giants, as he hasn’t played much for them in a poor campaign thus far. In the entire league season, he has only started six games.

We are unable to determine whether Galatasaray is even able to unilaterally terminate the loan without awareness of the conditions of the agreement.

It would free up one of our foreign loan slots, but it would mean we would either need to find Ziyech a domestic loan, or worse, have him creating a bad vibe in our dressing room.

He is currently prepared to travel to the Africa Cup of Nations for the remainder of this month, at which point his future will need to be determined. By then, we will have a great deal more information regarding his future. Right now, we can only be certain that it won’t be at Chelsea.

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