Pochetino criticizes the media for comparing these two Chelsea players, saying, “It is not fair.”

Pochetino criticizes the media for comparing these two Chelsea players, saying, “It is not fair.”

The fact that two of Mauricio Pochettino’s Chelsea players are being compared to their seasons prior irks him.

Robert Sanchez and Moises Caicedo, who came to the Blues from Brighton in the summer, immediately found their way into the starting lineup at Stamford Bridge.

During his Friday pre-game press conference, Pochettino responded to a question about the two players’ slow progress at West London, saying, “I think it’s a process also.” The two players haven’t exactly performed up to expectations at their new club.

“I believe the issue lies in the temptation to unfairly compare a player from one season to the next. distinct setting, distinct time, and the current state of affairs.

“I believe that if you discuss Robert, he hasn’t played in the last three or four months and then joined during the transfer window. Additionally, Moises joined during the Premier League season when we weren’t even in preseason, and all of the emotional things that happened with him at that time also affected Moises.”

“He was injured while playing for the national team, and since then, he has been traveling every month, leaving him with little time for recuperation.

“For the time being, it’s good to have a few months where you can have every player and start giving them more opportunities to rest so they can play and concentrate on Chelsea. Comparing players from one season to the next is totally unfair, and we naturally have no doubts about their ability to perform to our standards.

Pochettino continued, “It’s easy now to blame the money and different aspects because he’s a human being trying to find something.” In response to reports that Caicedo’s £115 million price tag was weighing on him.

“For him, it’s a difficult process, but it’s normal for everyone.” There are differences in expectations as well as in the teammates’ context. It’s time to blend in. It’s definitely only a matter of time.

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