Manager says, “Got him,” regarding a Chelsea player’s future this season.

Manager says, “Got him,” regarding a Chelsea player’s future this season.

Approaching the January transfer window, a manager has confirmed he has made a major decision regarding one Chelsea player this season.

Before we enter another transfer window in four weeks, a lot of clubs will need to make some important decisions. The decision-makers at these clubs will be having talks and trying to make some important decisions that will impact their club going forward.

Currently, Chelsea has a sizable number of players on loan, the majority of whom are there for the full campaign. However, there have been concerns raised about the possibility that some of these loans—like Tino Anjorin, who is currently recovering from an injury at Cobham—might be terminated by Chelsea or the loan club.

Although his boss has confirmed that they will be keeping him for the remainder of the season, there were rumors that he might not return to his loan club, Portsmouth, this season.

Pompey manager John Mousinho stated, as reported by The News: “There is no change in terms of the situation with his loan.”

“The only thing separating one of our players from a loan player is that Tino is recovering back at Chelsea, which explains why you don’t see him much.

That’s perfectly acceptable; it’s their right to be able to do so. Hopefully, once he’s almost back, he’ll join us again.

“He is with us for the season, so we’re excited to see how he is when he returns in a few months, hopefully.

“We haven’t given his loan contract any thought, but it’s undoubtedly not a serious enough injury for us to consider terminating it. Everything is operating as usual.

“He might make a comeback in February. It takes a while to recover from an injury like this, but getting him back to full fitness is what matters most. We will exercise caution with this injury as we did with Tino in the first place.

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