Former Chelsea Defender, Ashley Cole revealed Two Things Pochettino Did Wrong Against Newcastle

The Blues’ defeat to Newcastle United today will serve as a wake-up call, according to former Chelsea defender Ashley Cole.

Ashley Cole feels Chelsea should wake up immediately. Despite the Blues’ best efforts to mount their customary comeback, Eddie Howe’s team was simply too hot to handle.

Cole took his time in a recent interview to clarify two things he thinks the Blues’ new boss did incorrectly against Newcastle.

“I believe that wanting to surrender first before they get serious is now the club’s new normal. This is not ideal. They must adopt a different perspective.

“Even if I don’t really believe it’s a mindset, we nevertheless need to recognise that these kinds of attitudes have the potential to progressively become the norm. Ole Solskjaer’s Man United demonstrated this; it was never a tactic but rather an accepted practise.

We must also develop the ability to absorb pressure and repay it tenfold; we failed to do so against Newcastle, which is why we suffered so greatly.

“The coach has a lot of wrongs to right as quickly as humanly possible, and the boys have a lot of work to do.”

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