‘He was an example’… Ricardo Carvalho now shares which Chelsea player really helped him out

The great Ricardo Carvalho of Chelsea has now revealed which of his former teammates at Stamford Bridge was the greatest assistance to him.

He said on the team website that he was greatly influenced by captain John Terry as he tried to adopt the Premier League’s approach.

After spending an incredibly successful time with the club and almost winning all that was possible, Carvalho has become a local hero in West London.

He and Terry, who is undoubtedly considered as one of the greatest players in Premier League history, forged an incredible relationship at the back.

The Portuguese international has since stated that the Englishman gave him the assistance he needed to rapidly and easily grasp things.

Terry is praised by Carvalho.

“He was an example for me as a defender because we grew up in different ways—he in England and me in Portugal,” he stated. I needed to get better in those areas because everything was different here—the tempo, the long balls, and everything.

We had a great friendship and got to know each other quite fast after I started chatting to him and we had a fantastic time together. At times, we didn’t even need to talk—we could simply stare at one another and I could tell exactly what the other was going to do.

It was inevitable since he knew that I enjoyed covering and I knew that he enjoyed battling for the early balls. You experience those kinds of things, which are hard to put into words.

Fans will cherish their memories of their time spent together at the back and hope that they have some players who can continue that success in the future.

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