‘Over the top’… Chris Sutton suggests Chelsea man should be punished after what happened vs Manchester City

Analyst Following Chelsea’s match this weekend against Manchester City, Chris Sutton has demanded that manager Mauricio Pochettino be suspended.

He stated to “It’s all Kicking Off” that, in his opinion, the Argentine should be held to account following his protests with authorities 

The match was stopped as the home team attempted to take the lead with seconds remaining because Pochettino was furious at the end of Chelsea’s fantastic 4–4 tie with the Champions.

The penalty that Manchester City was given in the first half after Marc Cucurella knocked down Erling Haaland was also questioned.

Sutton thinks there should have been more, but Pochettino’s outrage about the choices resulted in a yellow card.

“I believe this season has seemed worse than ever in terms of Premier League managers criticising referees; there are a lot of problems with VAR and a lot of dubious decisions this season, but the Premier League managers’ outrage has been excessive,” he stated.

Possible suspension for Pochettino

The main issue is that Pochettino’s yelling in a fourth official’s face farther down the chain will have an impact on lower league teams because, if Pochettino is a decent man, people will assume that this is standard procedure and that he can do it every time.

“It will have a domino effect, and when you consider that local officials have sometimes been physically or verbally assaulted, you can see that Premier League managers have a big responsibility. Unfortunately, many of them have overstepped that line this season.

“The impact it will have on referees further down the chain is why I believe there should be severe bans on Premier League managers behaving in that way.”

Raheem Sterling was under investigation for last week’s incident in which he threw an object into the crowd that had been hurled by Tottenham fans, but Chelsea managed to avoid suspending him.

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