See what £17m Chelsea player did for his country last night that sent national media crazy

Kendry Paez, a Chelsea loanee, made his second senior-level start for his country last night. Pablo Giralt, a journalist from the area, was undoubtedly one of many who was deeply moved by what he observed.

Paez became the youngest player in South American history to register an assist in his debut a few weeks ago. He improved himself last night, scoring his nation’s first goal at just 16 years old.

He caught a ball from Moises Caicedo, who contributed two more assists to his nation’s 2-1 victory over Bolivia.

Despite Paez’s inability to immediately join the first team roster, Chelsea is reportedly thrilled with the £17 million arrival of Paez.

Paez drives the media nuts at home. The child appears to have garnered similar praise from Ecuadorian media, with Giralt proclaiming that a star was created as a result of yesterday night’s victory.

He declared: “He shattered all the records. Kendry Páez scores the first goal in the South American Qualifiers for a soccer player at the age of 16 years and 161 days. Ecuador sees the birth of a star.

Due to the youth of the new additions, Stamford Bridge’s future already appears promising.

Even though Andrey Santos is now having a difficult time securing playing time at Nottingham Forest, players like him have generated a lot of anticipation for their future.

It would be hard not to be happy that Chelsea has already secured a contract to sign the teenager now that Paez is a star on the international scene.

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