‘Surprised me’: Cole Palmer revealed what has shocked him at Chelsea since he joined

Chelsea’s summer acquisition Cole Palmer has revealed one thing about Chelsea that has shocked him since he joined.

Although he is aware of his own strengths, he told the Mail Online that the amount of game time he has already played has surprised him.

Palmer has been one of the top performers in recent weeks and doesn’t now appear like a last-minute panic signing.

His three starts for the team have resulted in three straight victories and at least one goal involvement in each contest.

Against Burnley, he scored his first goal in the Premier League, concluding a strong run.

Even he now claims that he was startled by the amount of gaming time given to him.

Palmer startled at kickoff

“It has surprised me a little, but I know my own capability,” he remarked. And I was aware that if I got started right away, I would have a chance and undoubtedly have an influence. I went there for that reason.

“I believed I could get in. I took a look at the roster and saw that several players left, though not as many attackers as one might have anticipated.

“Moving down there was a significant shift, so it’s good that it’s been stressful. I spent a few weeks at a motel before moving into my own apartment. It’s unfamiliar and challenging, and I’m still learning how to do most things on my own.

With a crucial Premier League match coming up, Palmer has made it extremely tough for Mauricio Pochettino to dismiss him at this point.

The toughest test the Blues have yet to face this season will come when Arsenal pays a visit to Stamford Bridge.

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