‘Not good’:After his football career is over, Roy Keane discusses what he dislikes most about Eden Hazard.

Eden Hazard, a former Chelsea player, has come under fire from Roy Keane for the state he entered Real Madrid in.

Eden Hazard, who announced his retirement from sports yesterday, acknowledged that he was overweight when he first joined the Spanish team in 2019.

Additionally, Keane criticized the former winger while appearing on The Overlap’s Stick To Football show.

Soon after his significant transfer from Chelsea to Real Madrid, Hazard told L’Equipe, “I had put on five kilos.”

Eden Hazard is slammed by Roy Keane.

Keane is disappointed in Hazard for not taking care of himself properly at Real Madrid even though the Manchester United star believes that Hazard has a lot of skill and showed it at Chelsea.

Brilliant player at Chelsea, but not excellent when he arrived at Real Madrid in that state, according to Keane. “He was hurt, talented young man. But I find it difficult when he showed up at Real Madrid.

“It’s awful to witness, but it proves that talent alone is insufficient. He didn’t appear to have the whole deal when he joined Real Madrid. You cannot arrive overweight for your first club preseason.

The man who brought him to Real Madrid, his idol Zinedine Zidane, would also go on to depart the club. That would not have helped.

His idol and the Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane would later leave the organization. That would have been useless.

Whatever the case, Hazard will always be remembered as a legend at Chelsea because his time there was plainly very different from his time at Los Blancos.

He scored 110 goals and assisted the Blues in two Premier League championships during his spell at Stamford Bridge. He is a star for Chelsea.

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