Why Cole Palmer actually quit Manchester City is revealed.

Why Cole Palmer actually quit Manchester City is revealed.

Following his transfer from Manchester City in the summer, Cole Palmer has emerged as one of Chelsea’s most intriguing players this year.

Since joining Chelsea, the winger has already scored one goal and provided three assists, and many Blues supporters are pleased with his addition. However, since Palmer’s arrival at the Bridge, a common query among Blues supporters has been, “Why was he sold by Manchester City?”

Simon Phillips, a journalist, claims that Cole forced Man City to sell him in the summer after requesting to leave and join a team where he would get more playing time.

Some Chelsea fans were a little underwhelmed by Palmer’s arrival, the journalist wrote of the transfer.

This is possibly due to the (in my opinion incorrect) argument that Palmer is not nearly up to elite-standards if Manchester City agreed to sell.

But some people fail to realize that Palmer wanted to leave. He insisted that Manchester City play him for a few more minutes, and by leaving the champions, he is arguably even more determined to make a message.

“It appears that Chelsea will benefit from Manchester City’s loss.”

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