“Honestly I forgot” Robert Sánchez explain why he passes ball to former teammates

Robert Sánchez was observed transferring the ball to his former teammates on the night Chelsea defeated Brighton 1-0, almost scoring.

With Nicolas Jackson’s excellent finish, Chelsea was able to earn their first victory of the month as well as their first goal of the month.

The Blues will take on Blackburn Rovers in the Carabao Cup’s next round now that they have advanced.

Chelsea did put up a decent fight, and because Brighton missed two excellent opportunities, the Blues were able to outperform the Seagulls.

Despite numerous mistakes that may have resulted in goals, Chelsea’s new goalkeeper, who was formerly Brighton’s goalkeeper, did a great job of keeping his current team from scoring against his former club.

When asked whether he forgot that he is now a Chelsea player when he passed the ball to his former teammates, the shot stopper responded, “It was great that I made it up for the team right away by stopping the goal. It was an awkward moment, and honestly I’m not gonna lie, I totally forgot.

Sanchez continued, “We managed to win tonight and we hope to carry the energy.”

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