Will Denis Zakaria play against Arsenal?, Graham Potter has your answer here

Will Denis Zakaria play against Arsenal?, Graham Potter has your answer here 

Graham Potter addressed the media following Chelsea’s 2-1 victory over Dinamo Zagreb in regards to Denis Zakaria’s outstanding debut.

In the interview that followed the game, he added, “I felt he was pretty terrific. “You can see the value he contributes, the quality he possesses, and the zeal with which he played. He had good self-control and moved ahead when he could. He truly made an impression on me.

He undoubtedly went above and above what we wanted, which made us the competition. He exerted every effort. He made a wonderful debut, scoring and helping the squad.

He continued: “Always to be himself and I thought he did that well.” in the news conference. He shown his abilities, recovered the ball, assisted with our offensive play, and obviously scoring is amazing.

“You can see the talent he possesses, and we were able to observe it during training. He can hit the ball well, so I believe it was a wonderful goal for him and the club. Since it was a crucial goal for us, I’m glad he helped the team perform well and that he scored.”

Zakaria has been, as you can imagine, frustrated and dissatisfied when he doesn’t play, Potter said in response to the question of if he was shocked by how fresh Zakaria looked. He’s handled himself incredibly well despite the fact that that is a player’s life. He has worked really hard to practice, maintain his physical fitness, and provide excellent support to the squad and his teammates.

“By doing that, you give yourself a chance to shine when your chance arises. So, merit for him. It was a terrific story for the entire company, and everyone was really delighted for him.”

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