Tuchel: “We are not resilient enough. It doesn’t take much for them to defeat us.”

Chelsea players appeared to have nothing to play for as they suffered their second loss of the year, this time in a 2-1 loss to Southampton as the home team rallied for victory.

In response to the performance, Thomas Tuchel stated (via Sky Sports): “Obviously we’re not tough enough at the moment to win these away matches. Once more, a set-piece Once more, a poor defensive play.

“After that, we lose our balance. As a team, we lacked the tenacity to respond or exert pressure on their behalf. It doesn’t take much to defeat us right now.

“Soft defending, soft. No need to reveal where the shots are. Simply become more resilient as a team and adopt a new outlook.

“Concerned about the next games? No. Since I am aware of our potential adversaries, I have no fear of them. This up-and-down performance against Leeds is not the kind of performance that will allow us to get points away from home.”

Depending on how tomorrow’s games turn out, Chelsea might leave the top 10 in the Premier League standings.

After five games in 2022–23, the have lost exactly as many Premier League games as they did after 15 games the previous season [2].

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