Tuchel makes an explanation about Chelsea’s upcoming signing before a brilliant Frenchman might arrive.

Thomas Tuchel has stated that Wesley Fofana is the type of defender he is seeking for, according to sources. 

It has been reported that the club is interested in signing the excellent fofana because they have not completed the transfer business that they would have liked this summer. 

As his old back line can’t lead the club into a new era, Tuchel has acknowledged that he is looking to add some fresh meat ahead of a potential arrival. 

After Chelsea defeated Everton 1-0, Tuchel stated, “It is a lot of experience, it is perhaps another of age, it is a lot of experience, and they have their quality, and they know what they are doing.”

The players are strong, which is why they are under contract, and the boys have our faith. We also need to make sure we have a new generation to take over in the coming years. 

‘[Balance] is necessary. I consider it essential. In general, the game is quite physically demanding. This is the circumstance. We already knew it. 

“Azpi is the legend that he is, Thiago is still crucial to us right now, and when we had the chance to sign Kalidou, we took it because we think he still has some time left in him. 

The double sixes and the goalkeeper are both in their 30s, and that is exactly how it is.

Speed and tempo are both problems. The need of the game is that you be able to play one-on-one and, if necessary, protect space with high-speed runs.

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