Koulibaly reveals why he chose Chelsea: “They’re the only club who truly wanted me to come.”

At his first press conference as a Chelsea player, Kalidou Koulibaly stated, “It’s true that the Premier League wanted me to come for a long time.”

“The time was now because I believe in God and these things. Perhaps in the past, nobody was prepared and Napoli didn’t want me to visit.

“I don’t like to struggle with my club to leave, as a player. Although I have a great deal of respect for the owner and the fans, I believe that the time to leave Napoli was now.

“I’ve learnt a lot about football, therefore my pals and I made the decision to travel with Chelsea.

Why Chelsea, you ask? They are the only club that genuinely wanted me to attend. The initial connection was made in 2016 when [Antonio] Conte invited me here.

“I was always linked to Chelsea, but it never materialized, and this time the stars aligned, so I came here and I’m incredibly thrilled to join Chelsea and the Premier League,” he said.

Despite being one of the top center backs in the world, Koulibaly spent eight years at Napoli despite his name being on rumors for years.

After agreeing to a four-year contract with Chelsea, a huge vote of confidence in the 31-year-old, he now has the opportunity to play for a premier team in the best league in the world.

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